Physiotherapy in action


Physiotherapy is a form of treatment which combines the use of manual therapy, soft tissue mobilisation and exercise to promote recovery from musculoskeletal injury or dysfunction, which might be causing pain or discomfort.

At the initial assessment we will need to ask you detailed questions about your problem, possible related injuries, relevant medical history and gain an understanding of your work and recreational activities. This will be followed by a thorough examination of the problem area and any related areas.

About our treatment sessions

We allow 45 minutes for the initial assessment and each follow up treatment.
At the end of the assessment we explain our findings and give a diagnosis or possible cause for the symptoms presented. We discuss treatment options and give advice on self management strategies which, if appropriate, will include exercises to promote recovery. Whenever possible, treatment is initiated during the first appointment but this is dependent on the complexity of the case and the time taken for a full examination.

Exercise programmes can be emailed to you to enable you to accurately remember and perform them at home and on the go.

Sports Injury TreatmentWe offer treatment for a wide variety of conditions:

Sports and overuse injuries
Joint sprains e.g knee, ankle, wrist
Growth-related joint pain in adolescents
Shoulder pain and stiffness
Tennis elbow
Achilles tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis
Neck pain and whiplash injury
Back pain and sciatica
Sport and stress related muscle tension



Treatments include:

Joint and soft tissue mobilisation
Exercise therapy for injury recovery and rehabilitation
Post-op rehabilitation
Postural re-education
Personal Pilates programmes
Muscle recruitment and movement retraining for performance enhancement